Which one would you like to be?

If you could choose to become one of these two great scientists, which one would you like to be?
Well, if I could choose to be one between them, I’d like to be James Watson.
James Watson and Francis Crick have found that the genetic code has the DNA that bifilar spiral is constructed .
Their DNA model is considered the greatest discovery in the field of Biology in the 20th century.
Through their discovery, Bio-industry got to grow vigorously.
How I wish to be able to have both genius’ intelligence, but if I could only pick one, I would wish to become a great scientist like James Watson because I have immense interest in Biotechnology.
But, I want to say , in the actual life.
I only want to be myself !
Thanks 沂美、Windy、Sandra and Joy’s help.
The teacher say:WONDERFUL!
I am happy NOW.

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