I know I am an arbitrary person.
So I ask ye to eat dinner with me at last Friday.
We ate McDonalds in Kao– hsiung.
Urban Spotlight is so beautiful and has freely.
I am happy that night.
Thank you you you and you.
The term test is coming soon.
Hope we can get high accomplishment.
Dear 小朱
The love river is modern that I see.
And I am first time to go there.
You are not waste study in Kao– hsiung.
I think you are a local Kao– hsiung’s people before long time.
Dear 芒子
Don’t be sad.
I thinks she will understand yours wait and great pains taken for something.
The term test is OK?
I think you are the best.
Take relax.
Dear 小P
I want go to the snowy mountains next term.
Would you go with me again?
Dear Mr.Nike
I guess you can’t come with us.
But you come with little P.
I want you know how is the true family.
Like WE.
You see?
Pic is in Urban Spotlight.

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