has been crying

不知道怎麼回事 一直哭一直哭 不停的哭 沒有原因 也無法控制 我好害怕 不知道用了多少張衛生紙 我是怎麼了? 夜深天涼 隨即 傾盆大雨落下 像是交響樂般地告訴我 快樂點! 雨停了 登高遠望 閃亮亮的寧靜 讓我紊亂的心情趨於穩定 謝謝你,陪著我!
Don’t know what is wrong Has been crying and crying Continuously Have no reason Also beyond control I am very scarred Can’t remember how much toilet papers I’ve used What happened to me? The night is falling and turns cold Within a blink of an eye The pouring rain falls Sounds like a symphony trying to tell me Cheer up! Rain stopped I ascend high and look far beyond The view is shining but quite Calm my heart full of mess Thank you for your company!

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