They’re shooting monks in Burma

Dear friends:
I will never forget the dialogue I saw in a movie named Blood Diamond.
In that movie, the black manager asks a white reporter: ……
so, your people will help us after they see your video, right?
the white reporter replies: no, they won’t, they will say,
oh, my god, how terrible it is and then keep their meal and wine…..
After you see the news on Burma, what will you do?
Taiwan, always proud of itself as a Democratic country,
if you do not support the people suffered by crude military regime,
if you are niggard to concern yourself about the democratic movement launched by suffered people,
if you are absent in this historical moment,
how dare you say that you are a democratic country,
and Taiwanese, why are you eligible to say that you are from
a democratic country?
Chao, Chao-chi
Ph. D. Candidate
Department of Sociology
National Taiwan University

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  1. 這篇真的寫得很讚耶!

  2. Ya,some of our innocent is lost,but,if we want to change the world,what should we do?it`s up to me and you,right?
    版主回覆:(10/07/2007 02:30:18 AM)
    We could not change the world. But we can change by ourself, and effect someone. Someone told me: why you must to fundraising for Burma? Why? No cause. It’s right to do, how about you?


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